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disneyland castle

Disneyland | Engagement Photos

Luckily it worked out by meeting up with Melissa Morrison and Tyler Christensen at Disneyland for their engagement photos.  I met Melissa once before, but this was the first time I met Tyler.  After hanging out with them, I can officially say they compliment each other so well!  Tyler is Melissa’s Mickey Mouse or Prince Charming.  Ha … continue reading

Andrea & Mike | Engagement | San Luis Obispo Engagement

You know, Andrea Perkins and Mike Turnquist are just perfect for each other.  Its always fun to see the crazy/fun female, embarrass the heck out of the more reserved male.  This combination is great for keeping each other on their toes.  Love it. Andrea and Mike even work together as a team to sell real estate. … continue reading

Giants engagement photos

Mat & Amber | Engagement | Pismo Beach | Giants Fans

  I met Mat Paulson and Amber Merritt for the first time at their engagement photo session; boy was that an experience. Ha Ha.  Mat and Amber are just perfect for each other.  They could not stop laughing and throwing out jokes at each other.  I am so excited for their wedding in June.   … continue reading

Gavin & Valerie | Engagement | Central Coast

  I was finally able to meet Valerie Lee who specializes in Dentistry and Gavin Berrier who is a PGE/Educational mastermind. Since this was the first time we actually met, face to face, I really gave them a run for their money,  But I was nice and we had a good time. 🙂 Valerie and … continue reading

Engagement Photo session, Pismo Beach

Carrie & Chris | Engagement Photography | San Luis Obispo Weddings

Carrie Petro and Chris L’Esperance really amazed me with the love they share for each other.  Old high school friends doesn’t really matter when it comes to feeling comfortable in front of my camera.  But wine tasting beforehand at Salisbury Vineyard, does. 🙂  Come too find out, in addition to my wino addiction, Carrie and … continue reading

Josh & Traci | Engagement Photos | Morro Bay | California

I had so much fun photographing this amazing couple.  During Josh Lewis and Traci Griffith’s photo shoot,  I found out that they are flat out perfect for each other.  Even though they live far apart from each other for work and school, the best friend and romantic nature that they share; is just perfect.  Its kind of … continue reading

Cal Poly Engagement Photos

Ryan and Nikki Engagement | The Carlton | Cal Poly | San Luis Obispo

  So pretty much was the most exciting engagement session I have had in awhile. When I first arrived at the Carlton in Atascadero, I got on the phone with Ryan Adams.  The first thing that came out of his mouth was, “so, we have an issue.”  uh oh, I thought.  Ryan: So, Nikki has … continue reading

Beach Photos, Engagment

Nathan & Ciara | Engagement | Los Osos | Wedding Photography

Nathan, Ciara and I had an awesome time today.  Lets just say we were pretty adventurous.  When Nathan and Ciara told me they wanted oak trees in their photos, I remembered an awesome place that I havent been to in a while, Los Osos, California. In the beginning I asked Ciara, “so, whould you say, … continue reading

perfect engagement photos

Erik & Erica | Engagement | Avila Beach | Arroyo Grande | Weddings | Photography

How amazing did this day turn out.  A tad bit windy, but it turned out perfect.  I am totally going to say that Erik Morrison and Erica Leger did not even expect how spontaneous we were on this photo shoot.  Lets just say, they are now professional Plankers by now. Erik and I have been friends since … continue reading

Engagement Session | Pismo Beach, CA

Casandra Young & Scott Cox | Engagement Shoot | Pismo Beach | Shell Beach

Lets just say, God is Good!  I am so blessed to capture such amazing photos of Casandra Young and Scott Cox.  We all had so much fun together on this engagement shoot, I kind of got an ab work out from laughing so frequently. I have known both Scott and Cassie, personally, back in the old Arroyo … continue reading