Month: December 2011

Elise Kephart | Sunset Honda | Commercial Photography

Elise Kephart is a great friend from high school, so of course I was thrilled to hear that she wanted me to take her commercial photos again this year.  I have done a few jobs for Elise and Sunset Honda in the past and I could be happier with their involvement with their customers and in community. … continue reading

The Robinson Family | Shell Beach | Family Photos

It is so great to have taken the Robinson family photos this year.  For 3 straight years now I have taken pictures of them around the holidays.  Time has flew by, the little boys are getting so big.  Joann and Patrick are getting more and more awesome each year.  I am so blessed to have such a … continue reading

Our Twins Update | Today we found out the Sexes

So today we found out the sexes of our twins!  1 Boy and 1 Girl.  Erica and I cannot even believe it, we are so thrilled!  Its so funny because the other night Erica had a dream that she was in the hospital hold 1 boy and 1 girl, Psychic?  I call her the dream … continue reading

The Rivera Kids | Children Photography | Arroyo Grande

I can’t believe how fast these two boys have grown! It seems like not too long ago I was in the hospital taking newborn pictures of Peyton! They are both so silly and love each other so much. We had a great time taking these pictures!