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Flower Girl

Look who is on Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge!

Look who is on Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge?  Mylee is!  What What!  My little baby girl is getting bigger and more beautiful by the day.  I am so excited that she can express her real personality even while a camera is in her face. Ha Ha. And Guess What?  if you didn’t see it … continue reading

Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge

Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge | Mylee Neuschafer

  So Awesome that Mylee was chosen to model these amazing Flower Girl headbands by the one and only Amanda Judge.  Her Bridal Accessories have been worn by many celebrities, such as Khloe Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Hayden Panettiere too name a few.  She has also been featured in many Bridal Magazines such as Bridal … continue reading

Arroyo Grande Harvest Festival

Something You May Not Know About Me

If you need one more reason to choose me as your photographer,  I’ll have you know that I am famous around this part of town. I am currently on the towns website for my not my cats..but my own hair on my face that I grew myself. Ya know, It was a pretty big … continue reading


My Family Update | Twins | Mylee | Erica

So I know I am completely overdue with updating everyone with my personal family photos. April 15, 2012: My world as I knew it, had completely changed! 5:30am: Erica woke me up to tell me that her water broke at 4:30am.  Knowing me, I got out of bed, stress free and took a show before we … continue reading

My Mylee Boo

This is What Happens When my Daughter Joins me on a PhotoShoot

This is What happens when My daughter joins me on a Photo Shoot.  I couldn’t help sneaking in a few photos of my little girl. She really enjoyed the rolling hills.  Thanks to her uncle James, the most important and exciting part was the cows. I love her so much! Mylee, you are the light … continue reading

Our Twins Update | Today we found out the Sexes

So today we found out the sexes of our twins!  1 Boy and 1 Girl.  Erica and I cannot even believe it, we are so thrilled!  Its so funny because the other night Erica had a dream that she was in the hospital hold 1 boy and 1 girl, Psychic?  I call her the dream … continue reading

Weston & Erica | Our Wedding Video | Joseph Olesh

A Wedding Story from Joseph Olesh on Vimeo. Joseph Olesh @ wrote: Good friends, Weston and Erica Neuschafer, asked if I’d film their big day and I gladly accepted. The plan was to deconstruct the day and piece together a silent documentary set to music. The vast majority of the video was shot on … continue reading

Honeymoon: Orlando, FL

My Brand New Nephew: Oliver Gaston

Sierra Vista Hospital @ San Luis Obispo, CA

Life is Flashing By When…

Mylee is already 17 months and pushing a year and a half. ?WOW…I feel old.