About Weddings

At Weston Neuschafer Photography, we believe wedding photography is not just a job—it’s an art. Imagine being a fly on the wall at the most joyous celebrations—seeing everything yet going unnoticed, being everywhere yet not disturbing the moment. It’s about creatively capturing every memorable scene of your wedding day. That’s the magic we bring.

Photography is our passion and our profession. Ever flipped through a stunning wedding magazine spread and felt your heart skip a beat? What grabs you is not just the beauty but the genuine moments—the intricate details, the emotional family interactions, the joyous guests, and of course, the radiant couple in their most splendid moments.

We’re here to ensure that your wedding day is captured perfectly. Our goal is to help you and your loved ones cherish every moment of your special day—a day that defines the rest of your lives together. Let us tell your love story through our lenses, crafting images that you’ll treasure as timeless keepsakes.