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Engagement photography | BaseballBaseball Engagement photosBaseball couple loveBaseball Couplesbaseball engagement photosGirl baseball loveFun BaseballPlanking engagement Awesome ShotSun downSun GlassesWalking sunglassesFun Engagement photosloveFunny LoveSun Set Loveperfect engagement photosperfect engagement photographsHow amazing did this day turn out.  A tad bit windy, but it turned out perfect.  I am totally going to say that Erik Morrison and Erica Leger did not even expect how spontaneous we were on this photo shoot.  Lets just say, they are now professional Plankers by now.

Erik and I have been friends since kindergarden, can you even believe that.  Its so amazing to see and be apart of such great moments in my friends lives, then to see what paths they have chosen.  Now Erik is playing for the Texas Rangers baseball team, totally cool.

Erica and I met in sometime in Junior high, but officially in high school.  We for sure had awesome times together and with other friends.  It’s so funny to think that every time I saw or ran into Erica’s mother, she just could not get my name down correctly, do I look like a Wistmont…? 🙂

Overall, I am so happy and excited to see Erica and Erik to finally get together for the long haul.  They deserve each others kindness and love.  Congratulations on your engagement and I am so excited to be at your wedding. Salute!


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