About Me



About Me:

I was born and raised on the central coast.

My passion for creativity, modern fashion, and unique style photography has been my main focus since I was a youngin’.

My wife is awesome and my kids are even awesomer.

After I picked up my dad’s old Nikkormat and developed film in a darkroom, I fell in love with photography.

Sometimes I let out tears during weddings; I just can’t help it. : )

I am totally laid back and stress free.

I daydream.

Everyone I have taken photos of are now friends of mine.

I love to explore.

I photograph what I feel.

I have always wanted to be a sports photographer, but taking pictures of my kids is sporty enough.

I strive to make each shoot personal yet exciting. I am consistent with up to date styles as well as using my own creative edge. Each client has their own wants and needs, therefore I make each shoot personal and successful.