The Hayashi Family

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I feel extremely honored to have had the opportunity to photograph such a legendary family in this community. Y Hayashi & Sons are phenomenal agriculturalists and have brought the central coast so much growth to the land. Y Hayashi & Sons run one of the best-known farms in the area. Not only is this a family of achievers, but also a family who enjoys being around each other. Their love for one another is vibrant and clear. The entire photo shoot was full of MANY laughs, jokes, and hugs. I appreciate how at ease the group made me feel. They were up for just about anything, including climbing trucks and standing in mud. Such a historic family with so many memories and so many more stories in the making! Make sure to check out the Hayashi Vegetable stand located at 2876 Cienaga St, Oceano, CA 93445 as well as numerous grocery stores and Farmers Markets! I look forward to future photo shoots with this family!