The day I photographed the Loughran family was a great day. The weather was a bit cold, but didn’t seem to phase Parker and Hudson.

Having a child myself, it seemed natural to get so many great family, action, and funny photographs. The best tactic I used was to yell out an animal (of choice) on my head or somewhere that I wanted the boys to look. But the trick is to, use it wisely, because it only works a few times. : )

While photographing families, I feel that I get a true sense of how the family works; it’s great, because most of the time I can relate.

Garrett and Ashlee Loughran are amazing together and even more amazing with their boys. I couldn’t be more happy with the photographs that I got, too document the true fun that we all had.

Thank you Loughran family, I hope my family and yours can get together soon. : )