Cabo San Lucas Sunrise

RIU Resort, Cabo San Lucas, MexicoRIU Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico | Destination WeddingRIU Santa Fe Resort | Destination WeddingRIU Santa Fe Resort | Cabo San Lucas | Destination Wedding

I can officially say that I love my life. Growing up, my dream has always been to become a photographer, traveling around the world, photographing what I see as love.  While stepping into the semi-warm, semi-salty Cabo ocean, then swimming next to my beautiful and twinriffic preggo wife.  My life somehow paused for a moment; My dream has come true.

While photographing Brooke Boehning and David Droege’s wedding in Cabo San Lucas, at The RIU Santa Fe Resort, I thought to my self, This is perfect…Brooke and David’s wedding was such a success that Brooke herself could not stop saying how happy she was with her wedding.  The love that they share with each other, they deserve nothing but the best.

Thank you to the people who were able to make it to the Droege Wedding adventure in Cabo San Lucas.  I hope everyone had a safe trip home.

Now my wife and I desperately miss our little Mylee girl and want to kiss her little cheeks off. 🙂