So I know I am completely overdue with updating everyone with my personal family photos.

April 15, 2012: My world as I knew it, had completely changed!

5:30am: Erica woke me up to tell me that her water broke at 4:30am.  Knowing me, I got out of bed, stress free and took a show before we gathered our stuff to go to Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis Obispo.

When my wife, Erica began to contract heavier and ready to deliver, she actually called me to let me know.  Sounds funny, dont worry I was at the hospital at this time.  I have been downstairs all morning in the lobby working on a video and scanning photos for a funeral, which the man who passed was like a 2nd father to me.  He is a person that this world needs, he is amazing and I will never ever forget him.  Naturally, I was dealing with a whole lot of emotions at this time.  Dealing with Life and Death was such a hard experience for me, I lost one angel and gained two.

Mia was the first to show her crying face.  It’s funny because she actually was so ready that she literally shot out into Dr. Storres arms, I felt like I was living in a cartoon where they make it totally over exaggerated, which in this case it was not.  Second was Kai, who is breach and still in his sack, unbroken.  After breaking his water sack, the two OBs could not get him to turn around for the life of them.  So what did the awesome Dr. Storre do, pull him out breach; yes breach.  Once he was born, the worry began to quickly show when he didn’t cry or move at all; he was literally limp.  Kai was immediately air bagged, which caused his lung to tear.

Mia was rushed to the NICU and Kai followed immediately after.  This began a long and stressful journey dealing with the NICU and hospital…


Mia getting treated for Jaundice.


Kai attached to a respirator.

After two weeks of living in an RV at the Hospital parking lot, Mia and Kai had been discharged.  Let me say, we were not the only people who were totally relieved to hear the good news; Mylee was ecstatic, she didn’t know what to do with herself.


Can you see their personalities forming? : )

On the way home, for the first time ever, we had two newborns and one 3 year old in the back of our Honda Pilot.

Sleepy Babies

First time as a complete family and all the babies fell a sleep on the way home! : )


Mylee holding both, Mia and Kai for the first time.

Within the first week of the babies at home, we decided to take a few announcement photos. *Note:  if you have not seen these announcement pictures in the mail yet, it is probably because they are still in a bag at home. Apparently having twins doesn’t one have very much “free” time.  So sorry in advance. : )

Twin AnnouncementTwinsBoy Girl TwinsBoy Girl TwinsSiblingsBoy Girl Twins

Now jumping ahead with many hard life evens and now 3 1/2 months later the twins are sleeping through the night.  We still are running into help issues but nothing as extreme as we have once thought was the norm.  Life in general is taken day by day.  Having newborn twins and a 3 year old is no joke, it is hard.  Sometimes, Erica and I just want to brake down and cry.  But if we drown ourselves in negativity and start complaining, it will only cause extreme harm.
So back to Life…we take it day by day and sometimes hour by hour, for now. 🙂